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THIS IS THE MOMENT 4 INNOCENT SIKHS WALKED OUT OF COURT WITH THEIR HEADS HELD HIGH AS THEIR NAMES WERE CLEARED IN A CASE THAT THE COURT ADMITS NEVER EVEN EXISTED...unfortunately they are heading straight into a police van to be driven back to jail where it will take more time to fight the other false cases that are pending

After spending 4 long years locked in prison for a crime that never even took place, Jasvinder Singh (orange dastaar), Manjinder Singh (in full bana at the back), Gurjant Singh (stripy shirt & jeans) and Harminder Singh (black dastaar at the back) should be heading back home into the arms of their loved ones. But, due to the 'unfit for purpose' law and order system in India, they are returning to the darkness of their prison cells. May Waheguru continue to bless these brave Gursikhs with the strength and spirit they possess that has helped them through the cruelty inflicted upon them by unjust rulers and their minions.


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