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SOPW representatives attended the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) event for British Sikhs, held on 17th June 2014. Sikhs travelled from all parts of the country including Bradford, Coventry & Birmingham to attend the event designed to increase pressure for an independent public inquiry into the UK's involvement in the June 1984 massacre at Harmandar Sahib (Golden Temple).

Due to the inner workings of Parliament the event was delayed but all participants, young and old, waited in the Central Lobby awaiting confirmation of when the event would start. MPS and visitors coming into the Lobby saw the very visible and powerful image of Sikhs waiting patiently - we have been blessed with such a distinct form and were shown utmost respect. The proceedings finally got underway at 6pm.

The General Election is to be held in May 2015. We have an excellent opportunity to approach our local MPs, hold them to account and ask if they want our vital vote, then “what will they do for us?” We each have a role to play in putting pressure on the current Government but equally on the Labour party, if they come to power they would not renege on the promise of an independent enquiry.

SOPW posed the question to the attending MPs, that the UK Government owes the Sikh Community an independent inquiry. Although the events were 30 years previous, the consequences are still being felt in Punjab today. What about those who's loved ones are in prison? The families who are still suffering; forced into poverty, children’s non-education, no medical assistance and no prospects of employment.

The MPs agreed with the points raised and again re-iterated that we the Sikh Community have to unite and keep the momentum going with one voice. 

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