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Jagtar Singh Hawara was presented in the Ropar Session Court of Judge Jatinder Kaur in the case of an alleged bomb plot against Piara Bhaniara, who’s cult is embroiled in allegations of burning copies of the sacred Guru Granth Sahib and creating a blasphemous book. Bhai Hawara is charged under the Arms and Explosives Act.

Amid the usual high security that accompanies any court appearance by Hawara, there were some extra’s – a police dog squad was present to provide further protection and Innova cars belonging to the Delhi Police travelled infront and behind the prison bus that was transporting Bhai Hawara, as well as Punjab Police vehicles providing extra back-up.

On behalf of Jagtar Singh Hawara, Advocate Sarbjit Singh Bains requested to the judge that his court appearances in Ropar which usually last around 30 minutes, require him to be transported all the way from and back to Delhi within a single day. That’s 16 hours of travelling without a toilet break or a stop along the way. Advocate Bains suggested that Hawara be brought to Ropar the night before his appearance so that the extreme travelling does not have an adverse effect on Hawara’s health. The judge may take a decision at the next court hearing which was set for 3rd April. Next, Bhai Hawara appeared in the hearing of a TADA case, in the court of Judge Harsimran Singh, in which Chamkaur Sahib Police have registered charges under Sections 302 and 307 of the Indian Penal Code. 

Bhai Hawara’s family, including his elderly mother and taiya ji, were present as were his well-wishers who had gathered in large numbers, waiting patiently for a glimpse of their hero. In the fleeting moments before being whisked away by security personnel, Bhai Hawara gave another message to the Sangat. In a previous press release, Bhai Hawara had urged the Sangat to pledge their full support for organisations that speak out for human rights and raise awareness of the atrocities committed against Sikhs. Today, he used a quote from Gurbani basically to say ‘give to charity using great wisdom’. He especially referred to the international Sangat, who feel the pain of the panth, to give their dasvand (donations) to the right causes by using their intellect to ascertain if the money is reaching the shaheed family or prisoners’ family, for whom it is intended, the proof being in the results. 

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