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SOPW is now a major project under a new parent charity named Sikh Relief. SIkh Relief is controlled and managed by the same people who began and maintain all work carried out under the SOPW banner. Renaming the charity from SOPW to Sikh Relief was a step we needed to undertake to carry out other work accross India and Punjab alongside our Prisoner project. Sikh Relief is equally committed to the welfare and support of Sikh political prisoners and since its inception in 2008, the SOPW has continued to garner much support for its projects and its aims are as follows:  



· To provide political prisoners with necessities such as food, medicine, clothes etc.

· To provide political prisoners with legal assistance where required

· To provide assistance to political prisoners families for children’s education, medical treatment & monetary assistance for marriages etc.

· To report on number human rights abuses, illegal detentions and to advocate for fair trials and an end to torture under any circumstances

· To assist in the reconstruction of former political prisoners’ lives, including their mental and physical wellbeing.

SOPW will continue to collect information regarding arrests, illegal detentions, prison conditions, status and wellbeing of political prisoners from prisoner families and other immediate sources. Collecting this information is a difficult process due to the sensitivity of the status of prisoners and at times, the lack of transparency. The information collected and collated are a combination of interviews, testimonies, data on current and previous political prisoners and their families. We also consistently monitor news reports and information provided by various national and international human rights organisations.

In the meantime, SOPW continues to inform and raise awareness of the current circumstances of political prisoners and their families. SOPW would also like to clarify that it is in no way politically affiliated with any party or agenda and has not and never will support any terrorist organisation or terrorist activities; SOPW is a solely humanitarian project with a focus on human rights and civil liberties.

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