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It’s that time of year again, school and college fees in India are due for payment.  SOPW (as in previous years) are launching their 2014 annual project – Children’s Education.

We all know the lengths that parents will go to ensure that their own children get the very best out of life – such as a good education to help them achieve their goals. These are our children too– they have already lost so much with the absence of one or sometimes both parents. Let’s join together to help the children of today, become the leaders, scholars, entrepreneurs, scientists, etc., of tomorrow.

SOPW need your help to ensure this very rewarding and worthwhile seva can take place.  We have collated the details of children of Sikh political prisoners as well as children from shaheed families, who need assistance to pay for school or college fees.  These children often live in poor conditions, as the main breadwinner of the family is absent and paying for school fees, unfortunately, falls lower down on the list of essential needs.  Why should these children suffer any longer, they too have aspirations.  Their parents are an inspiration to the whole panth, so we shouldn’t let their children be left behind by society.

If you wish to sponsor a child, we can supply you with regular updates on the childs progress, you may even wish to contact or visit the family yourself.  There are many options on how you can choose to proceed with this seva, please contact us to discuss further...

If you wish to contribute towards this immense project, you can do so

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