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In remembrance of the Sikh Genocide that took place at the Golden Temple, Harmandir Sahib, SOPW presents a six part series that shows never-before seen interviews and firsthand accounts from eye witnesses that were in or around the complex during one the bloodiest weeks in the history of Sikhs.  

These videos are also being shown on Sikh Channel from the 1st-6th June every day at 1.45pm(GMT) and 7.15pm(GMT). 


Part 1 - Shaheed Bhai Mengha Singh Babbar

Part 2 - Rajvinder Singh Bains - Was present when military forces first opened gates to Darbar Sahib after Operation Bluestar


Part 3 - Bhai Nirmalbir Singh - Was in Darbar Sahib during the entirety of  Operation Bluestar 


Part 4 - Master Gurdial Singh - Was performing kirtan sewa inside Darbar Sahib when Operation Bluestar began

Part 5 - The Jeevan of Shaheed Bhai Sulakhan Singh

Part 6 - Coming Soon 


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