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Gurjit Kaur is an amazing woman whose faith in Waheguru and strength of spirit has not waivered even in the face of such tragedy. Please read her story, spoken in her own words:

“I have been left all alone in this world. In June 1984, my husband Gurmej Singh, left our home in the village of Sodhiwala, along with our elder daughter Jasvinder – who was only a young child at the time, to pay their respects at Harmandar Sahib. They were inside the Golden Temple complex when the army launched its attack. Since that day, Gurmej Singh or Jasvinder have never returned home. All I know is that they were among the thousands who were killed by the army that day. We couldn’t even perform their last rites.

A Mothers Heartbreaking Appeal for her only son, Gurmukh Singh.

Please watch this video message sent by Sarbjit Kaur from Mansa in Punjab.

SOPW is supporting this family to ensure that Gurmukh Singh recieves all the medical aid he requires to get back on the road to recovery and good health. 

It’s that time of year again, school and college fees in India are due for payment.  SOPW (as in previous years) are launching their 2014 annual project – Children’s Education.

Prior to 1984, the Indian state had indulged in the killing of innocent Sikhs and when the Sikhs had turned to the justice system for recourse they found the law sided with the perpetrators, regardless of the evidence. There are so many examples of when justice was denied to the Sikhs, years BEFORE the horrific events of June 1984 began to take shape;

In remembrance of the Sikh Genocide that took place at the Golden Temple, Harmandir Sahib, SOPW presents a six part series that shows never-before seen interviews and firsthand accounts from eye witnesses that were in or around the complex during one the bloodiest weeks in the history of Sikhs.  

These videos are also being shown on Sikh Channel from the 1st-6th June every day at 1.45pm(GMT) and 7.15pm(GMT). 


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