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This morning, the Indian newspapers are reporting the arrest of Jagtar Singh Tara who was convicted in the assassination case of former Punjab chief minister Beant. Jagtar Singh was allegedly arrested on Monday 5th January, from Thailand. Jagtar Singh had been on the run since 2004 when he along with Jagtar Singh Hawara, Paramjit Singh Bheora and Dev Singh, had made a sensational escape from the high-security Burail Model Jail in Chandigarh after digging a tunnel. While Hawara and Bheora were later caught, Jagtar Singh Tara along with Dev Singh remained at large.

For decades now, Sikhs have received little or no justice at the hands of the courts and police. The chances of receiving a fair hearing are near to impossible and in all likelihood being a Sikh, you will have numerous false charges levelled against you, meaning you will spend most of your life behind bars while fighting to clear your name. The double standards of the 'rule of law' applied against Sikhs are alarming and since before 1984, Sikhs have continued to suffer mistreatment and still languish in jail. Jagtar Singh Tara was arrested in 1996 for his role in the group that assassinated the then chief minister and mass murderer Beant, at the Punjab civil secretariat in Chandigarh on August 31, 1995. Under Beant's command, tens of thousands of innocent young Sikhs were picked up, tortured and executed, their families harrasssed, Sikh women and girls raped and molested, by the so-called 'police' who were handsomely rewarded for their 'actions'. The removal of Beant brought an immediate end to the mindless killing, yet despite the huge number of eye witness testimonies and evidence, no police officer, politician or judge was held accountable for their part in wiping out a whole generation of Sikhs in the Punjab.
According to the papers, Tara had been hiding in Pakistan for the past several years and in June last year, Punjab Police received information that he was now living in Thailand under a fake identity. The Hindustan Times reports, "Tara is in the custody of the Thailand police. Steps are being taken by Indian agencies to bring him back to Punjab. The operation is the result of pin-pointed information about his hideout given by the Punjab Police to central agencies which coordinated with the Thai authorities. Punjab director general of police (DGP) Sumedh Saini neither confirmed nor denied that Tara had been arrested. However, he said: “Maintenance of peace and communal harmony is our first priority.”
Jagtar Singh Tara’s arrest follows a spate of recent arrests including, Harminder Singh Mintoo, Gurpreet Singh Gopi, Ratttandeep Singh and Ramandeep Singh Goldy. 

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